Hi! I'm Brent. I'm a programmer, researcher, and occasional artist based in Brooklyn, New York. I don't update this website very often.

I'm interested in why computers and computer programs work the way they do, models (algorithmic and otherwise), and games. I also like teaching and writing about my interests. Right now, I'm working as a Tech Fellow at Eyebeam, helping build a new digital exhibition space for Eyebeam's artist fellows and researching open-source anti-surveillance tech. I also do occasional freelance work for organizations and artists, like:

If you're interested in working with me, you can contact me by email.

In past lives I studied analytic philosophy and worked as a front-end developer and a winemaker and salesman. I am a proud native West Virginian, and have lived in Portland, Paris, and five different New York City apartments. I received a master's degree from ITP in 2020.